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Compare Mobile Phone Insurance

Protect your mobile phone investment by getting it Insured!

Your mobile phone is a key personal investment. Not only does it connect you to those that matter the most to you, it connects you to the world. You've spent good money on your phone and you should safeguard your investment by insuring it. Mobile phone insurance protects you from a wide range of potential losses involving your mobile phone. These losses include:
  • Losing or misplacing your phone
  • Your phone gets stolen
  • Water damage to your unit
  • Calls charged fraudulently to your phone's account
  • Losses incurred when travelling abroad
Another key advantage of insuring your mobile phone is you extend your phone's warranty when you take out an insurance policy for it. Unfortunately, not all insurance plans are the same. Make sure to compare differing mobile insurance cover policies. This is easier said than done. Many mobile phone insurance plans aren't plainly stated so it's hard, at first glance, to compare one plan's features with another plan's features. This quick mobile phone insurance comparison guide steps you through the process of how to compare mobile insurance cover.

Key Mobile Phone Insurance Comparison Considerations

Keep the following factors in mind when shopping for mobile phone insurance:

Does the coverage fit your actual phone usage and value?

Make sure that you are not over insuring or under insuring your phone. Make sure you select the price level which is closest to your phone's actual replacement value. Keep in mind that phones are phased out constantly so instead of looking at the actual specific model of your phone, look at the pricing for the class or category of your phone. Basing your pricing on the specific model might not be a good idea since model lines are constantly being introduced and phased out. Phone class and categories are more stable and give a better indication of replacement value.

How fast is the replacement turnaround time?

Not all policies deliver replacements at the same time. Saving a few pounds on a slower provider might make a huge difference if you use your phone for crucial business or you will be travelling and will need your phone replaced before you leave.

Do the plans provide worldwide coverage? If so, which countries?

Many plans say they provide "worldwide coverage" but this might be better translated to "select countries only." Make sure that the plan you're getting actually covers the countries you're going to or you normally travel to.

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