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Compare iPhone Insurance

How to get the right iPhone insurance package

Your iPhone: your lifeline to the World!

While mobile phones have been around for quite a while, their importance to consumers' daily lives has never been as large as now. From shopping to dating to driving, many major human activities are now guided and colored by mobile phone integration. It seems that almost every activity you can think of offline can be connected to the Internet through your mobile phone. Looking for the best price on a product? Just point your phone at a QR code and your phone will retrieve not only information about that product from online sources, your phone will also let you compare prices from differing providers. Want to translate a sign from one language to another? Just point your smart phone's camera to the sign and you will get an instant written translation. Want to know which member of a crowd is single and available? Certain smartphone apps can answer your question. Looking for driving directions? Your phone can now guide you, through the power of GPS and smartphone apps, to your destination.

Simply put, smartphones are fast adding an extra layer of information to your offline activities. You no longer need to be tethered to a desktop computer or inconveniently lug a laptop around to get the value added information the Internet offers for your specific activities. Just use your smartphone! However, with this power, of course, comes added cost. iPhones, in particular, represent an investment of at least a couple of hundred pounds - and that's just for the phone! Your smartphone investment involves not just the physical phone itself but also the apps you have downloaded and installed. Moreover, you may have invested time and effort in customizing your iPhone just right.

Protect your iPhone investment with the right iPhone insurance coverage

Considering the substantial amount of money you have invested in your iPhone, you should look for the proper iPhone insurance coverage for your phone or, in the case of the latest version of the iPhone, iPhone 4 insurance plans. Be careful though, there are quite a few insurance packages out there and they might not all fit your particular situation and needs. You need to compare iPhone insurance packages carefully to avoid buying bloated coverage which packs features you don't need and underpowered policies which won't properly compensate you for losses. Ask the following core questions when selecting insurance plans so you can pick the right package.

Does the policy include coverage for your iPhone usage style?

A person who uses his iPhone strictly for personal uses and leisure will have a differing configuration of apps and customizations on his phone. Compare this situation with a work at home researcher who uses specialized research apps or a stock investor who uses a different range of specialized stock tracking and trading apps. Also, the proportion of paid to free apps may differ from person to person. Simply put, differing people use their iPhones differently. These differences impact the valuation of the software stored on the phone, the urgency of replacement times, and the feasibility of like/kind/ quality replacements (replacement using "proximate" quality materials in case an exact replacement is not available). Make sure you clearly list our your apps, your uses, and categorize them. Your characterization/classification of your iPhone usage can greatly impact your choice of insurance coverage. On a related note, make sure to estimate whether the nature/classification of your usage will vary with time. For example, if you start as a purely personal phone user but later your business usage expands dramatically since you started a new business a few months after you bought your phone. Alternatively, you may have started as a personal user but your phone became your mobile stock trading workhorse as you started daytrading. Be clear regarding your current and short to mid-term future phone usage. This will save you a lot of headaches later since you'll avoid being underinsured.

Does the coverage match your travel patterns?

If you spend quite a bit of time travelling, make sure you to factor this in to your insurance coverage selection process. You wouldn't want to set yourself up for the rude surprise of visiting a foreign country that isn't covered by your policy and getting your iPhone stolen or damaged. The best way to protect yourself from this contingency is to make sure you buy coverage that matches not only your current travel patterns but also your protected travel plans six, one year, up to three years ahead. Also, be sure to weigh the added costs of worldwide coverage against the potential losses you'd suffer if your phone is damaged on your overseas travels or you lose your phone abroad. Even if you don't travel all that much, if the difference between international coverage and regular coverage is miniscule enough, it might be a good idea to get worldwide coverage since travel plans can change very quickly.

Compare iPhone insurance plans based on speed of unit replacement or repair

Depending on the primary usage of your iPhone (personal versus business, research versus leisure, specialized information versus generic data, etc), rapid replacement might be a priority concern for you. Certain iPhone insurance plans provide for fast unit replacement or repair. Of course, some plans charge extra for this fast turnaround time. This consideration truly turns on the value you place on the lost access time. If you use your iPhone to generate income (such as trading in stocks or coordinating business deals), you probably would want your phone back sooner. Again, always do a cost / benefit analysis: would the cost you incur taking out the extra coverage protection be greatly outweighed by the costs in lost income, convenience, and lost time?

iPhone insurance Bottom-line

The fact of the matter is, every user's situation is unique. Don't get pressured by plans that claim to "cover all situations". Such plans might cover situations and instances that aren't very likely for your particular case and you end up paying for coverage you don't really use. Also, it pays to think ahead. Not only do you have to think of your short to mid-term phone usage needs, you might want to also consider whether you will still be using your current iPhone or if you'll be moving on to iPhone 4 or later versions. 4G functionality is fast becoming a necessity and iPhone versions are sure to evolve to meet the state of wireless technology. In that case, you might want to look into iPhone 4 insurance coverage.

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