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Camera & Video Camera Insurance Comparison

Bringing the best deals straight 2U

Snap Up the Best Camera Insurance Deals Today!

Zoom in to 2u.co.uk and capture the hottest camera insurance deals in a flash! Compare camera insurance and get the cheapest cover plus one month for free!

At 2U you can quickly compare camera insurance with the UK's top camera insurance providers and protect your digital camera, camcorder or video camera against; theft, damage, breakdown and loss at home or abroad, from just a couple of pounds a month. That's less than the price of a magazine, less than the price of two cappuccinos and you get 12 month's for the price of 11 - 1 month's camera insurance cover completely for free! It's worth it for all the magical moments and memories you'll miss if your camera is stolen, damaged or lost.

2U's unique camera insurance comparison service is designed to help you save money by bringing you the cheapest camera insurance deals to suit your requirements and save precious time too. The best, most effective policies on the UK market are all here in one place. You don't have to waste valuable time searching around when you could be enjoying snapping away instead!

Whether you use your camera for work or pleasure, choosing cheap camera insurance with camera insurance comparisons is the best way to protect your device so you can keep your precious memories alive and share important moments with others. Who knows what you'll record? - A magical moment or an important event that could make a world of difference to you or someone else now or in the future.

So, whether you're a serious semi-professional photographer, amateur photographer or just a happy snapper don't miss those golden moments because you didn't have your camera or camcorder. Make fast, smart camera insurance comparisons now with www.2U.co.uk and get great camera insurance cover for:

  • Theft: Like all portable technology, cameras and camcorders are targets for theft and re-sale. By protecting yours with camera insurance you can get a fast, free replacement within 48 hours if yours is stolen.

  • Loss: One of the wonderful things about modern cameras and camcorders is that they're small, compact and lightweight but unfortunately this also makes them easier to lose. For an extra £1 a month you can insure your camera/camcorder with some of our providers for loss and your camera will be replaced quickly with no-fuss.

  • Accidental Damage & Liquid Damage: Most precision devices including digital cameras can be easily damaged but you don't need to panic even if you drop yours or it topples into the swimming pool on holiday. By insuring your camera/camcorder yours will be quickly repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

  • Worldwide Cover: Everyone loves to record and share their holidays and travels around the globe but portable devices are particularly vulnerable while on the move. With camera insurance you're covered wherever you roam internationally.

  • Breakdown: Even if the manufacturer's warranty on your camera or camcorder has expired, with camera insurance you get an extended warranty and your device will be repaired or replaced for free if an electrical or mechanical fault occurs. If it can be fixed you may not even lose the precious images you've already taken.

  • Additional Lens Cover: If you own a more technical camera, some of our providers offer additional cover for specialist lens equipment and other individual related items.

Policies vary with different providers so please ensure you read the terms and conditions of the policy and provider you choose very carefully to see what you are covered and not covered for.

At 2U, you can insure any make or model of camera or camcorder from leading suppliers such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung and Panasonic among others. You can also insure cameras or camcorders up to the value of £5,000 with some providers.

So whether your device is top of the range or just a simple point and shoot cheap digital camera, an older model or the newest design, protect your camera or camcorder in minutes. Check out 2U's excellent camera insurance now. Keep safe all those precious pics and mini home movies you'll want to treasure. Click Here.

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