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Mobile phone insurance - free mobile phone
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Mobile phone insurance - free mobile phone
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Compare the best gadget insurance policies instantly with 2u.

Compare gadget insurance and select the best value insurance deals on the market today, with all the UK's top insurance providers.

2u is the first gadget insurance comparison site in the UK and is devoted solely to comparing gadget insurance. We provide a safe, fast and unique service so you can insure and protect all your valuable gadgets in minutes.

Our service includes; mobile phone insurance comparison and iPhone insurance comparison. You can also compare and select great insurance deals on PC's and laptops, iPads, Sat Nav's, and other expensive gadgets.

Why compare? Being smart, you will want to compare mobile phone insurance, iphone insurance and other gadget insurance cover, so you get the best deal at the lowest price. There are lots of insurance deals on the market today so it's wise to compare and shop around for the best insurance for your gadget. Using our mobile phone insurance comparison, iphone insurance comparison and other gadget comparison services provides an instant stress-free, money-saving solution for you.

Why compare gadget insurance with 2u? At 2u.co.uk insuring your gadgets is simple, easy and safe, because we have done most of the work for you by bringing all the best gadget insurance policies together on one site. As a valued customer, you get the best insurance policy for your gadget, at the best price.

All in one place, our excellent and superfast, insurance comparison service saves you precious time and money, and gives you peace of mind. You can insure and protect your valuable gadgets at the click of a button with our easy to use, no fuss service, and relax knowing you are protected. No more trawling around the internet getting confused and stressed, or sifting through other types of insurance that is not relevant to your needs.

Why insure gadgets? Mobile phones, iPhones and other gadgets are precious and costly to buy and millions are stolen, lost or damaged annually. Theft of mobile phones and iPhones is increasing in the UK as they are not only valuable but also status symbols. It's vital to insure them, so you don't lose out.

Insuring your iPhone for loss is also covered by many of our providers, a service some other insurance providers do not cover. Our iPhone insurance comparison service provides an extensive range of providers and policies, so it's easy to compare iPhone insurance at a glance.

Why choose gadget insurance with 2u providers? Insuring your mobile phones, iPhones and other precious gadgets with 2u providers is low-cost and can save you up to £1,000 if your gadget is lost, stolen or damaged. Why risk it when you have so much to lose financially if you remain unprotected? All our insurance providers are carefully selected. Each is secure and regulated, and provides a range of insurance to suit your needs and pocket.

What are you covered for? 2u gadget insurance providers offer policies that protect your gadget for:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Fraudulent calls
  • International cover
  • Extended warrantee

Each gadget insurance policy varies and is dependent on your needs. Compare and select the right one for you (click here)

Mobile Phone Insurance
Phone Insurance:
Mobile phones might come free from the networks with a contract, but they always cost lots of money to replace. If you have a pay-as-you-go phone, you will know. Protect yourself with this phone insurance for loss, water damage, theft, international cover and more. Learn more ...
iPhone insurance
iPhone Insurance :
Your iPhone was not cheap. We think it is the best piece of modern technology available. Unfortunately, criminals know your iPhone was expensive and iPhone theft is expected to rise dramatically. So get iphone insurance Learn more ...
iPad Insurance
iPad Insurance:
Your iPad is your newest indispensible multi-purpose gadget, it wasn't cheap and should it get damaged or stolen you will have to pay for a new one or go without, unless you get cover! Protect yourself - Learn more ...
Laptop Insurance
Laptop Insurance:
Laptops and computers are expensive. You know it - thieves know it. Don't lose out if yours gets damaged or stolen. We protect all UK-purchased laptops and computers. Get your laptop insurance to cover you fully Learn more ...
Camera Insurance
Camera Insurance and Camcorder Insurance:
Insure your camera and/or camcorder. Yes, the price of cameras and camcorders has come down in recent years, but how would you feel if yours was stolen or damaged? Protect yourself - Learn more ...
iPod Insurance
iPod Insurance / All MP3 Player Insurance :
Whether you have an iPod, a Creative, or any other UK-purchased MP3 player, you wont want to be without it. If it gets damaged or stolen, you can have it protected, repaired or replaced with this quick, easy and low-cost insurance Learn more ...
Game Console Insurance
PSP Insurance / Game Player Insurance:
So you love your Xbox, Nintendo, Wii or other game player - But what if it was damaged or stolen? Do you fancy paying the full cost to replace it? Protect yourself against expensive full-cost replacement with this game player insurance. Learn more ...
Satelite Navigation Insurance
Sat Nav Insurance:
Your SatNav (Satelite Navigation system) is a status symbol - it says your going places. It helps you get to where you want to be. But where will you go if it is stolen or damaged? Protect your SatNav with this low-cost insurance - from only £2.49 a month. Learn more ...

Mobile phone insurance: Phone insurnace to protect your mobile phone Mobile Phone Insurance - You've lost your phone ... now what? Mobile phone insurance: Phone insurnace to protect your mobile phone
Your phone could be unprotected right now... and could cost you £200 to up to £1000 to replace. With phone insurance, we can protect you against this expensive situation.

Your phone might give you low cost international mobile phone calls but will it be low cost to repair?

If lost, stolen or damaged, your phone could cost a small fortune to replace. Up to £1000 in fact. You can avoid this nastiness with a simple & easy insurance plan that covers
  •  Loss (not covered by most policies) (The iPhone is not insured for loss)
  •  Water damage (not covered by most policies)
  • Mobile Phone Insurance This could be your phone.
  •  Theft
  •  Fraudulent calls
  •  International cover
  •  Extended warrantee
  •  Accidental damage
  • ...and more
This is probably the best phone insurance policy in the UK

Get Phone Insurance - Check out how to protect your phone - Click here NOW

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